Shelf Wobblers

Shelf Wobblers

Elevate your point of sale campaigns with our vibrant printed shelf wobblers! These dynamic tools are uniquely designed to jump out and capture the attention of every shopper, making them perfect for spotlighting promotions, amplifying sales, or boosting brand visibility.

  • Lightweight & Versatile: Effortlessly affix these shelf wobblers to a multitude of surfaces. Their minimal weight, combined with our unique sticky-back tape design, ensures they dangle and wobble, grabbing attention instantly.
  • Cost-Effective Promotion: Amongst various point of sale items, shelf wobblers offer an unparalleled ROI. Their engaging design ensures customers can’t miss your message.
  • Sustainable Solutions: Choose from a range of recyclable materials. We believe in durability that doesn’t compromise on eco-friendliness.
  • Signature Shelf Wobblers Support Arm: Select from a diverse array of support arms, tailored for different retail spaces. Whether you need solutions for standard 25mm data strip rails or more bespoke setups, our shelf wobblers are designed to wobble seamlessly. Easy installation and removal ensure a hassle-free experience.
  • Quality Assured: Our commitment is to offer top-quality printed shelf wobblers at competitive prices. Benefit from a myriad of design options, arm choices, and more.
  • Complementary In-Store Solutions: Pair our printed shelf wobblers with supplementary in-store advertising tools such as aisle fins and shelf edge strips for a harmonised promotional setup.
If you require a bespoke size, material or want to stand out from the crowd, speak to our expert account managers on 01634 724772.

Shelf Wobblers

Printed Shelf Wobblers: The Dynamic Difference in Point of Sale

Elevate your in-store campaigns with our range of printed shelf wobblers, a dynamic addition to any retail environment. These ingenious tools are designed to capture the attention of customers, bringing a unique flair and vibrancy to your shelves, offering both information and intrigue.

A Perfect Fusion of Lightness and Visibility

Crafted meticulously, shelf wobblers seamlessly combine lightness with high visibility. Their lightweight nature ensures easy installation on any shelf or counter. But it’s their motion, the gentle sway, and consistent movement, that guarantees they catch the wandering eyes of shoppers. Whether they’re highlighting a new product, a special discount, or just enhancing brand recognition, these wobblers play their role perfectly, becoming a focal point amidst the myriad of products.

Effortless Installation with Lasting Impact

Ease of installation is one of the hallmarks of our printed shelf wobblers. The specialised sticky-back tape ensures a sturdy grip while allowing the wobbler to dangle and move with grace. It’s not just about the initial visual appeal; over time, these shelf wobblers create a lasting impact on customers. They offer retailers a means to continuously refresh their promotional messages, keeping in-store displays fresh and enticing.

The Cost-Effective Choice in Point of Sale Tools

In the crowded world of point of sale tools, our shelf wobblers stand out, not just for their unique design but also for their cost-effectiveness. They offer businesses a tangible ROI, as they drive attention to promotions and amplify sales. Furthermore, their versatility means they’re suitable for various promotions, from seasonal sales to new product launches, ensuring you get maximum value for your investment.

Eco-Friendly Meets Durable

At the heart of our production process is a commitment to sustainability. While our shelf wobblers are designed to be durable and long-lasting, we also ensure they tread lightly on our planet. The option of recyclable materials means that while your promotions make a significant impact on your customers, they don’t harm the environment. It’s a win-win situation: impactful advertising that’s also eco-conscious.

Signature Wobble? Thank the Support Arm!

Behind the delightful wobble of our printed shelf wobblers is the meticulously designed support arm. Tailored to fit a range of retail spaces, this arm ensures the wobbler’s consistent movement. Whether you have a conventional retail setup or something more unique, our support arms cater to your specific needs, ensuring your promotions are always in motion, always drawing attention.

Quality That Speaks (and Wobbles)

We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch quality at competitive prices. Our shelf wobblers aren’t just about the wobble; they’re about vibrant printing, durable materials, and a commitment to excellence. From a variety of design options to different arm choices (including spring-loaded and card holder variants), we ensure you receive a product that meets your every need while exceeding expectations.

Supplementary In-Store Solutions

But why stop at shelf wobblers? Elevate your in-store promotions even further with our range of supplementary solutions, such as aisle fins and shelf edge strips. Each of these products is designed to complement our printed shelf wobblers, ensuring a cohesive, comprehensive, and utterly compelling promotional landscape in your store.

Transform Your In-Store Experience with Printed Shelf Wobblers

In the modern retail landscape, standing out is crucial. Our printed shelf wobblers offer that distinctive edge, melding fun with functionality, engagement with elegance. Trust in the wobble, and let our shelf wobblers be the voice and the vibe of your in-store promotions.

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