Elevate your in-store experience with our bespoke printed point of sale products, specifically crafted to accentuate your promotions and advertisements. Our POS printing expertise bridges the gap between brand vision and tangible retail marketing. Whether you’re a supermarket seeking to guide customer journeys or a high-street clothing store aiming to spotlight emerging trends, our point of sale printing solutions can transform your retail space.

Dynamic Printed Point Of Sale Items for Modern Retail

Amplifying Your Message With Printed Point Of Sale

Our printed point of sale items are designed to cater to a myriad of advertising needs. Versatile in design and application, they can anchor any promotional campaign, both internally and externally, ensuring your brand messaging remains vivid and consistent. These POS prints often pair seamlessly, boosting the overall impact of a marketing initiative.


Asile Fins

Aisle fins are typically used as a promotional tool to grab customers attention when they are on their journey around the store. They are strategically placed in between products to advertise what you can find on the shelf, whilst also working as a divider to help differentiate between brands.


Bollard Covers

Bollard covers can be fitted to an internal or external existing bollard to turn them from a boring object into an interesting attraction. They are often used to tell customers about promotions in stores



Every free-standing display unit is unique, they can be cut to any shape and produced at any size to create an inventive way to store and promote products.


Shelf Strips

Shelf strips are an integral part of any shelf display. They tell customers what products are, what brand is on them, and how much they are priced at.


Pallet Wraps

Pallet wraps are an ideal solution for covering any wood visible when on display after the stock has been placed on them.


Shelf Wobblers

Shelf wobblers can be supplied in any shape or size, with a choice of arm lengths. They are the perfect tool to literally jump out from the shelf in the eye line of customers.



Standees are a fun inventive interactive tool to capture the attention of customers and passers-by.


Strut Cards

Strut Cards are another point of sale item that is familiar to customers, commonly used for  information or promotions.


Hanging Signs

Hanging signs can be printed single or double-sided in order to gain as much exposure as possible.


Twist Locks

Twist lock dispensers have a double function, not only do they provide a storage unit for leaflets, they can also serve as an advertising or promotional service. 

We offer an end-to-end point of sale printing service.

Create eye-catching displays that grab shoppers attention!

One of the most beneficial aspects of our pos items is their versatility. Hanging banners, shelf strips and aisle fins are not fixed advertising tools, and can be moved and reused around the shop floor of a store. For example, shelf strips may be placed below products to highlight promotions, then moved alongside the product to keep a consistent emphasis on the promotion.

Not only are our printed pos items very versatile, but we also pride ourselves on creating them in the most affordable way within your budget.


From a supermarkets point of view a customer’s journey around the store is very important. So printed pos graphics are designed especially to encourage product sales.

Shopping Outlets

Creating a strong and distinct brand presence is key in any environment, especially in a busy high street or shopping centre where competition is everywhere.

Convenience Stores

Providing the opportunity for small convenience stores or corner shops to inspire shoppers on offers. Displaying what they have to sell to their customers, POS makes it easier for the customer to grab a bargain.

Clothing Shops

Keen, fashion-savvy customers look for inspiration from clothing stores to show them what colours and textures are up and coming. POS acts as an advert & can hold relevant materials such as store cards, gift cards or leaflets.

Maximising Your Retail Strategy with Effective POS Displays

POS displays often serve as the critical final touchpoint before a customer’s purchase decision. Recognising this, we ensure our POS displays are not just visually appealing, but also strategically crafted to resonate with your target audience. Whether launching a new product, promoting a seasonal offer, or enhancing in-store navigation, our bespoke printed POS displays are designed to deliver optimal results.

Wallace Print: Elevating Your In-Store Marketing with Quality Printing

Place your trust in Wallace Print for your printed POS display needs and witness the impact of quality printing on your in-store marketing endeavours. We pride ourselves on our use of cutting-edge printing technology to produce durable, high-quality POS displays. Every detail, from the vibrancy of colours to the sharpness of images, is given the utmost attention.

Catch the eye of every aisle walker with our high-quality printed aisle fins. Wallace Print brings your brand to the forefront, providing precise printing, fabrication, and installation services to elevate your store’s ambiance and customer navigation experience.

Maximise your outdoor advertising potential with our bespoke bollard covers. At Wallace Print, we offer vibrant and durable printing solutions that can withstand all weather conditions, delivering a robust and eye-catching display.

Our FSDU solutions offer prime real estate for showcasing your promotions or new products. Let Wallace Print bring your brand to life with our state-of-the-art printing technology, bespoke design services, and expert assembly.

Transform your shelf edge into a dynamic advertisement with our printed shelf strips. Wallace Print provides tailored solutions, giving your product visibility a significant boost while enhancing the shopping experience for your customers.

Make your product displays truly stand out with our eye-catching pallet wraps. Wallace Print offers customised printing solutions, focusing on quality and visibility to ensure your products make a big impression.

Add an element of fun to your shelving with our custom printed shelf wobblers. Wallace Print ensures these wobblers demand attention, with vibrant prints and durable materials, catching your customers’ eyes as they pass.

Bring your brand characters to life with our standees. From concept to creation, Wallace Print provides expertly printed and meticulously cut standees that can make a significant impact on your customers.

Make the most of your counter space with our high-quality printed strut cards. Wallace Print delivers engaging designs, superior printing quality, and durable materials to ensure your promotions never go unnoticed.

Utilise your overhead space effectively with our bespoke hanging signs. Wallace Print provides complete services, from high-definition printing to secure installations, guiding your customers and promoting your brand from above.

Capture your customers’ attention with our twist locks. Wallace Print ensures your promotional messages stand tall and proud on counters, desks or tables, with quality prints and sturdy construction for maximum impact.

POS Installation

Wallace Print takes pride in providing not just outstanding POS printing, but also smooth and professional installation services. Our skilled team is well-equipped to handle each display with precision, ensuring optimal positioning for maximum impact. Trust in our efficiency and expertise to make your POS print journey from creation to installation seamless and effortless.

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In today’s competitive retail landscape, point of sale printing plays a pivotal role in influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions. At Wallace Print, we are experts in POS printing, offering tailored solutions that ensure your brand stands out from the crowd.

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Get customers to stop and look!

In today’s fast-paced retail environment, a whirl of activity and product abundance can often overwhelm shoppers. Amidst this, standing out becomes a key challenge for many brands. This is precisely where unique Point of Sale (POS) items can make a significant difference.

A well-designed, eye-catching POS display serves as a beacon amidst the retail hustle, drawing in customers to engage with your product. The power of POS items lies in their ability to break the monotony, cutting through the visual clutter to capture shopper attention. They’re not just promotional tools, but strategic elements that can shape shopping behaviour.

Benefits of POS Printing for Retailers

What makes printed POS items truly standout, however, is their versatility. Available in an assortment of shapes and sizes, they offer boundless opportunities to target and engage with your audience. Whether it’s a compact countertop display for a cosy bookstore or a large, freestanding unit for a bustling supermarket, there’s a POS solution for every context.

  • Visibility: Effective POS printing ensures that promotions, offers, and key products grab the attention of shoppers. It turns passive browsers into active buyers, driving sales.

  • Brand Reinforcement: Consistent retail point of sale printing reinforces brand identity, making sure that customers recall and recognise your brand.

  • Flexibility: Seasonal campaigns, flash sales, or new product launches – whatever the occasion, retail POS printing offers the flexibility to adapt and refresh in-store messaging as and when needed.

Transforming retail spaces with custom printed POS items

Elevate your brand’s presence in the retail environment with custom printed Point of Sale (POS) items from Wallace Print. As one of the most critical aspects of in-store advertising, POS items function as silent salespeople, drawing attention to your product, conveying information, and influencing purchasing decisions.

Add creativity &
style to your display

With our industry experience and dedication to quality, we craft bespoke POS items that do more than just advertise – they tell your brand’s story. From eye-catching free-standing display units (FSDUs) to informative shelf strips, every POS item we produce is designed to resonate with your target audience and foster a lasting connection between them and your brand.

Printed POS displays are marketing materials strategically placed where transactions typically occur, such as at checkout counters. They help promote products, attract customers, and boost sales.

POS displays can help capture customer attention, promote special offers, and increase impulse purchases. They can also reinforce branding and improve in-store navigation.

Any retail business can benefit from printed POS displays. This includes supermarkets, department stores, boutiques, restaurants, and more.

Absolutely! Our in-house design team can work with you to create bespoke designs that reflect your brand identity and meet your specific needs.

We use a variety of durable materials suitable for different environments and purposes. We’ll advise you on the best material choice based on your specific needs and the nature of your retail space.

Turnaround time depends on the complexity of the design and quantity required. However, we always strive to deliver your order as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.

Care instructions may vary based on the materials used. However, most displays can be lightly dusted or wiped clean with a damp cloth. We’ll provide specific care instructions upon request.

Certainly! We provide professional installation services to ensure your POS displays are set up accurately and securely.

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