Scaffold and mesh building wraps are a standout choice for promoting your company, while also ensuring the safety of workers and the public.

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Building Wrap Benefits

Weather Resilience

Made from durable polyester, building wraps perform well in the UK’s variable weather, featuring air-permeable perforations that withstand gusty winds effectively.

Eco-Friendly and Lightweight

Our wraps are 30% lighter than traditional PVC mesh and PVC-free, making them an environmentally friendly option that’s easier to transport and install.

Strength and Security

Our larger wraps include reinforced hems and steel eyelets every 50 cm, ensuring a secure fit. They’re also B1 fire rated for enhanced safety.

Visibility and Impact

We use vibrant full-colour dye sublimation printing to ensure your message stands out. 

Bespoke Printing

Scaffold wraps are designed to accommodate your unique requirements of your project, offered in an extensive range of sizes.


Our team will securely attach the wrap using tie wraps or bungee cords through the eyelets,  secure fit throughout.

Frequently asked questions

A building wrap is a large-scale printed banner, typically made from heavy-duty polyester mesh, used to cover the exterior of buildings under construction or renovation. It serves both aesthetic and practical purposes by promoting a brand or message and by providing some protection against the elements.

While not legally required, building wraps are highly beneficial for construction projects. They enhance safety by containing debris, reduce dust and noise pollution, and offer a significant marketing opportunity by transforming a construction site into a large advertisement.

Building wraps vary mainly in material and design. Common types include:

  • Polyester Mesh Wraps: Lightweight and breathable, ideal for high-wind areas.
  • PVC Mesh Wraps: Heavier and less environmentally friendly, but very durable.
  • Non-Permeable Vinyl Wraps: Used for more detailed graphics and where water resistance is a priority.

The lifespan of mesh building wraps depends on environmental conditions and material quality. Typically, high-quality polyester mesh wraps can last between 2 to 3 years, even in challenging weather conditions.

Installation of scaffold wraps is a critical process that ensures the safety and effectiveness of the wrap. At Wallace Print, we provide a comprehensive installation service handled by our experienced team. This includes everything from the initial site survey to the final secure attachment of the building wrap.

Our professionals use reliable methods such as threading tie wraps or bungee cords through reinforced eyelets, beginning from the top corner of the structure and progressing methodically to ensure the wrap is tensioned correctly and presents a smooth, visually appealing surface.

Choosing Wallace Print means opting for reliability, quality, and customer-focused service. We are dedicated to providing top-quality printing solutions with a commitment to sustainability and safety. Our scaffold wraps are made from premium materials that meet stringent environmental and fire safety standards.



With over 30 years of printing experience and more than 1,000 building wrap installations, Wallace Print is your trusted partner for bespoke scaffold wrap.


We streamline the process by offering comprehensive consultations, site surveys, artwork support, and nationwide installation for our print projects.


Using cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials in our in-house production, Wallace Print ensures exceptional finishes on every project.



Benefit from our decades of experience as we guide you to the perfect long-term scaffold wrap graphics, guaranteeing quality and effortless installation.

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