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Large format trade printing in Kent covering London & UK

We work with the UK’s biggest print management companies, design agencies, marketing teams and other printers. We understand trade pricing and even more importantly we understand client confidentiality and the importance of plain packaging.

With 30 years of experience in digital printing, we are one of the UK’s original large format printers and are nationally one of the biggest brands to look after and deliver bespoke solutions across a wide spectrum of print services.

Our customer base includes multiple forms of retailers from independent stores to chains, blue-chip organisations, luxury brands, design and marketing agencies and other print management companies. We pride ourselves on being innovative and at the cutting edge of print by running the latest UV flatbed technology and finishing equipment. We work with a vast array of unique materials, some of which are brand new to the market.

The method of direct to media printing that we use allows us to print on almost anything and our roll-fed digital printer covers up to a 5m in width. We work on a national scale and are often able to provide a next day service due to our 24/7 print facility. Our main production is based in Kent on the fringe of London, making us an agile print partner to those in the capital.

If you are looking for a reliable trade print partner in the UK we have a range of case studies, testimonials and over 800+ photos showing some previous work from our 30 years of trading.

We print large format banners of up to 5m wide on mesh banner PVC, 440gsm banner grade PVC and double-sided banner PVC. For exhibition printing we can produce exhibition stands, exhibition roller banner stands with brands such as Grasshopper roller banners, Orient roller banners, Barracuda roller banners, Greenwich roller banners and Mosquito roller stands.

We also specialise in trade printing exhibition pop up display stands such as the 3×3 3×4 3×5 Impact pop up stands, self build exhibition stands including Vortex banner stands, exhibition shell scheme wall drops, wedge display stands and pegasus banner stands.

Our flat beds allow us to print direct to media on a range of popular materials including direct print to Correx, flat bed printing on to Foamex or foam PVC, flatbed digital print on Smart-X, Foamcore, foam board, Dufaylite Ultraboard and Dibond. Dibond is especially popular for printed Dibond hoarding but more cost-effective alternatives include printed Correx hoarding panels and printed Foamex hoarding panels.

Direct to substrate flatbed digital printing can also utilise our large format digital white ink printing as well on clear materials such as white printing on to acrylic or Perspex. As well as direct to media print we also offer feather flags such as our aero feather flags and zoom feather flags. Our consultative approach to print often separates us from our competitors. We share our expertise to create cost savings and better end results for clients.

We are far from a faceless online business; as such we would love it if you gave us a call to discuss your requirements.

Your Trusted Trade Print Partner in the UK

Choosing a trade printer is more than just finding someone with the right machinery. It’s about establishing a partnership built on trust, expertise, and a shared commitment to delivering exceptional results. At Wallace Print, we epitomise this philosophy, making us one of the premier trade printing services in the UK.

Three Decades of Print Mastery

Our 30-year journey in digital printing has positioned us at the forefront of the industry. Not just as one of the UK’s original large format printers, but as a behemoth that has catered to a diverse clientele ranging from independent retailers to blue-chip organisations and luxury brands. Our history is rich, filled with countless success stories, case studies, and over 800+ captivating photos showcasing our unparalleled craftsmanship.

We’re not just a printer; we’re a trusted partner to the UK’s most prominent print management companies, design agencies, marketing teams, and even other printers. Our deep understanding of trade pricing is paired with a strong commitment to client confidentiality. Our clients trust us not just for our premium quality, but for the importance we place on details, like plain packaging, ensuring their brands remain front and centre.

Boasting 30 years in the realm of digital printing, we’ve etched our name as one of the UK’s original pioneers in large format printing. Nationally recognised, we cater bespoke solutions across a diverse spectrum of print services. Our rich portfolio is a testament to our expertise, featuring a plethora of case studies, glowing testimonials, and over 800+ photos capturing our finest work over three decades.

Our clientele paints a picture of our versatility. From independent retailers to sprawling chains, blue-chip organisations to luxury brands, and design agencies to print management companies – we serve them all. Our ability to tailor our services to each unique requirement is what sets us apart.

Innovation is our cornerstone. Harnessing the latest UV flatbed technology and top-tier finishing equipment, we stay at the cutting edge of printing. Our vast arsenal of unique, and often exclusive materials, includes offerings that are brand new to the market, ensuring our clients always receive something fresh.

Our prowess in direct to media printing means we can bring any vision to life. Whether you’re seeking large format banners, exhibition stands, or any other trade printing service, our roll-fed digital printer, which comfortably handles up to a 5m width, is ready. Stationed in Kent, on London’s fringe, we’re ideally positioned to serve the capital swiftly, often with next-day services thanks to our 24/7 operations.

Our offerings extend beyond traditional prints. Dive into our extensive exhibition printing services, with renowned brands like Grasshopper, Orient, Barracuda, Greenwich, and Mosquito roller banners. Explore our range of exhibition pop-up display stands or take advantage of our direct-to-media printing on materials like Correx, Foamex, Dufaylite Ultraboard, and the much-loved Dibond.

A National Impact with Local Roots

Strategically located in Kent, near London, our facility is optimally placed to serve the bustling capital and the broader UK. Our 24/7 operations ensure that even the most pressing of deadlines are met, often with a next-day service.

Leading the Charge in Trade Printing

Staying updated with the latest flatbed technology isn’t just a trend for us—it’s our ethos. We’re driven by innovation, always seeking unique materials and methods to enhance our print output. Our direct to media printing technology empowers us to bring virtually any design to life, whether on a 5m wide banner or a uniquely tailored exhibition stand. Materials like Correx, Foamex, Smart-X, Foamcore, Dibond, and even acrylic or Perspex fall within our printing repertoire.

Let's Discuss Your Printing Needs

We believe in personal connections. No automated voice machines or faceless interactions. Pick up the phone, give us a call, and let’s lay the foundation for a print partnership that stands the test of time.

Trade printing refers to a specialised service where printers produce materials on behalf of other industry professionals like design agencies, marketing teams, or even other printers. The finished products are typically resold to the end clients, and the confidentiality of the originating printer is maintained.

Trade printing services are geared specifically for reselling. This means that confidentiality is of utmost importance, often resulting in plain packaging without any branding. Additionally, trade printers often offer competitive trade pricing to make it cost-effective for resellers.

By collaborating with a dedicated trade printer, design agencies can expand their service offerings without the overheads of in-house printing. Our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with bespoke solutions, ensures that your designs are brought to life with utmost precision and quality.

Absolutely! With our advanced flatbed technology and 24/7 print facility in Kent, we have the infrastructure and capability to manage large orders. Our proximity to London also makes us an agile partner for swift deliveries in the capital.

Our direct to media printing technique allows us to print on a vast range of materials, including but not limited to Correx, Foamex, Smart-X, Foamcore, and Dibond. Whether it’s banners, exhibition stands, or other display materials, we’ve got you covered.

We understand the importance of sustainability in today’s market. We offer printing on recyclable materials and constantly strive to adopt eco-friendly practices in our production process.

Certainly! We’re equipped with cutting-edge flatbed digital printers that can utilise large format digital white ink printing. This means we can achieve stunning results on clear materials such as acrylic or Perspex.

Of course! At Wallace Print, we pride ourselves on a consultative approach. Our expertise in the trade printing sector allows us to offer valuable insights, ensuring you achieve cost savings and optimal results.

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