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You are in safe hands with our professional graphic installation team.

At Wallace Print, you are in exceptionally capable hands with our dedicated team of professional graphic installation experts. The domain of print installation has witnessed significant expansion recently, driven by the advent of innovative materials and a growing demand for customised settings. These range across a variety of sectors including retail, exhibitions, leisure facilities, offices, museums, construction sites, and outdoor advertising campaigns.

Our skilled installation team is committed to managing your project meticulously from start to finish. This includes conducting initial site surveys and risk assessments, and extends to the comprehensive execution of the installation. Rest assured, we possess all the essential insurances and accreditations required by the industry. Furthermore, we can seamlessly integrate with your brand during the installation process, should that be a necessity.

With extensive experience in a diverse array of disciplines, our installation team is well-equipped to handle complex projects. This proficiency is exemplified by our ability to support extensive exhibition printing installations and sophisticated printed office graphics projects tailored to enhance corporate environments.

Moreover, Wallace Print is connected to a robust network of vetted and approved installation specialists. These professionals are renowned leaders and recognised experts in their respective fields, specialising in:

  • Installation of hoarding panels, and graphic applications on windows, walls, and floors.
  • Management of substantial projects with a keen emphasis on precision and scale.
  • Ensuring full compliance with health and safety regulations, supported by a £10 million insurance cover.
  • Comprehensive service offerings including access to equipment, detailed site surveys, meticulous risk assessments, and proactive project management.
  • Expertise in erecting durable signage and executing ephemeral point-of-sale advertising campaigns.

Choose Wallace Print for your graphic installation needs and benefit from our unparalleled expertise and commitment to quality.


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Get in touch via our contact form to find out more about how Wallace Print can help you transform your print project.