Wallace Print opens up Golden Gate opportunity

They have stood at their home outside the Town Hall for 124 years, intermittently, the Grade II frame needs tending to in order to maintain its regal appearance.

What was produced?

Hall Conservation was appointed by the council to restore the gates for the first time since 1979, and commissioned Kent large-format specialist Wallace Print to manufacture hoardings to be put up in their place while the work was underway. The hoardings were designed to display the gates’ at life size, as well as bearing information about the project to restore them.

What did the job entail?

To create the 10m-high, 20m-wide, five-sided structure, Wallace printed on more than 200 3mm-thick ACM panels using their SwissQprint Impala UV printer. Panels were then cut on the Esko Kongsberg X44 router and laminated with graffiti-resistant Mactac Permaguard 7000 film using a 1.6m-wide Seal laminator.

ka-golden-gates-164414-385x248 Wallace Print opens up Golden Gate opportunity

What challenges were overcome?

Wallace’s four-strong team installed the panels over four days, once production was complete.

The wooden frame itself consisted of mainly vertical batons rather than horizontal and had to accommodate the uneven shape of the gates. The team had to work onsite to quickly adapt to the unconventional frame and successfully complete installation while maintaining an attractive aesthetic, including putting in access doors for people to access the Town Hall without disturbing the hoardings’ design.

What was the feedback?

Hall Conservation project manager Matthew Boultwood said: “We contacted several companies looking for what we needed. Wallace Print was the most enthusiastic and it soon became clear they had the relevant experience. 

“They understood what we needed and were comfortable with the large scale of the project. 

“Our clients are very happy with the results. The Golden Gates restoration project is a hugely important piece of heritage conservation and we needed to get everything just right. Wallace Print has helped us do exactly that.”

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