Printed Plywood Standees

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Project Description

When our client approached us with a very particular end result in mind we had no problems breaking the mould to achieve what they required. The brief was to produce a “wooden standee that looked vintage in appearance”

With our direct to substrate UV digital flatbed printers we have no issues printing direct on almost any media including wood! The material used for these wooden standees would end up being a 18mm plywood.

Our industry leading flatbed cutters also allow us to cut the most demanding of shapes out of these materials, so we can achieve some outstanding results. In this case the printed plywood sheets would be profile cut to the shape of historic figures.

With our UV cured inks you get a fantastic result when printing direct to wood as the wood grain shows through while print quality is maintained so you do not lose any image detail.

Got a project that involves printing onto something unusual or just need some bespoke wood prints? Look no further!

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