Energy Policy

Energy Policy

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At Wallace Print Ltd, the Managing Director and Management Team are committed to improving our organisation’s energy performance. This commitment is anchored in the implementation of an energy management system that aligns with the ISO 50001 standards.

Commitment to Responsible Energy Management

Our dedication to responsible energy management is a fundamental aspect of our business ethos. We are determined to implement efficient energy management practices across every facet of our operations.

Policy Objectives

To achieve this, Wallace Print Ltd pledges to:

  1. Compliance with Legal Requirements: Adhere to all applicable legal standards pertaining to energy use.
  2. Continuous Improvement: Uphold a commitment to continuously enhance our energy efficiency as an ongoing process.
  3. Resource Availability: Ensure the provision of necessary information and resources to meet our energy objectives and targets.
  4. Integration in Procurement and Design: Factor energy efficiency into the procurement of new equipment, major renovations, and new design processes.
  5. Framework for Objectives and Targets: Establish and maintain a structured framework for setting and reviewing energy objectives and targets.
  6. Promotion of Energy Awareness: Actively promote and communicate the importance of energy-saving awareness throughout all levels of the organisation.

Ongoing Focus and Review

Wallace Print Ltd maintains a persistent focus on energy performance as it pertains to our operations and the wider business context.

Policy Review and Adaptation

This policy is subject to review and revision in response to:

  • Notable changes in the size and nature of our business.
  • Developments in relevant energy legislation.
  • Occurrences of significant energy-related incidents.

To ensure that our Energy Management Policy remains up-to-date and effective, it will undergo an annual review and be updated as necessary to reflect any changes in our business environment or operational practices.

Through this policy, Wallace Print Ltd affirms its commitment to energy efficiency and sustainable practices, contributing positively to the broader environmental conservation efforts.

Email for any specific details or adjustments unique to Wallace Print Ltd.

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