One of the UK’s leading experts in flight case label printing. For over 40 years, we have been a pivotal name in the light and sound, entertainment, and engineering industries, producing millions of flight case labels and flightcase labels and shipping them globally.

The Evolution of Flight Case Labels

Experience the transformative power of our custom printed hoarding graphics. Not only do they amplify brand visibility, but they also drive sales and convey your marketing message effectively. With ample space at your disposal, your creativity knows no bounds. It’s no surprise that bespoke printed hoarding panels have consistently piqued public interest, making them essential for any property or development project.

Bespoke Hoarding Graphics Tailored to Your Needs!

While our standard hoarding panels stand out at 8ft x 4ft and 10ft x 5ft, our prowess doesn’t end there. We excel in crafting hoarding graphics to your specified dimensions, ensuring every piece is cut and printed to perfection. Whether it’s a unique shape or an unconventional size, trust Wallace Print to bring your vision to life.

Transform Your Site with Vibrant Hoarding Board Printing & Installation

Seize the opportunity to engage your audience with compelling visuals and branding. Move beyond the mundane blank panels; let’s turn them into a visual spectacle that sparks conversations and garners attention.

Bespoke Printed
Hoarding Panels

Printed hoarding graphics are one of the largest, strongest, and long-lasting promotional products that you can buy. Supplied fully weatherproof for all external conditions and lightweight for internal spaces, create something spectacular for all to see.

Unleash the Potential
of Bespoke Printed Hoarding Panels

Printed hoarding isn’t just a construction hoarding barrier; it’s a canvas eagerly waiting to showcase your hoarding graphic message. It acts as a silent promoter and a powerful tool to engage with a broader audience. At Wallace Print, we aren’t merely producing printed hoarding panels; we’re helping to shape the narrative of your brand and share your unique story with hoarding graphics that captivate.

Printed Hoarding Panels Tailored to Your Specifications

At Wallace Print, we understand that every project is unique. That’s why, besides our standard printed hoarding panels in the substantial sizes of 8ft x 4ft and 10ft x 5ft, we offer bespoke solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you’re after hoarding graphics to communicate a marketing message or construction site hoarding graphics to shield a development, our service ensures precision and clarity.

Our flexibility means we can print, manufacture, and cut your hoarding panels to almost any size or shape, aligning perfectly with your hoarding graphics requirements. And while they’re lightweight enough for internal displays, they’re robust enough to brave the elements. Rain or shine, our custom printed hoarding graphics remain vibrant, clear, and on-message.

Advantages of Bespoke Printed Hoarding Graphics

Bespoke printed hoarding graphics offer a multifaceted approach to not just promoting your brand, but also integrating various practical and aesthetic benefits, especially in construction or renovation contexts.

A prime benefit of hoarding graphics is the enhancement of a safe working environment for your construction team. These printed hoarding panels act as a steadfast barrier, marking a secure boundary around the site, thus preventing unauthorised access from the public, aligning well with hoarding graphics requirements.

Printed hoarding graphics present an expansive canvas for your branding messages. With such significant visibility, you’re afforded the space to flaunt your company logo, slogans, and central narratives, ensuring your brand remains highlighted throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Beyond mere construction hoarding graphics, these panels can morph into a creative stage to project the anticipated results behind the barriers. Through these, you can spark excitement and curiosity by unveiling artistic impressions of the ultimate project, nudging potential clients or customers to imagine the endpoint.

With the flexibility of printed hoarding graphics, conveying crucial site rules becomes more streamlined. Explicitly listing the acceptable actions and their prohibitions guarantees that all personnel comprehend and adhere to the essential norms, fostering a more safe and systematic work environment.

By leveraging printed hoarding graphics, you can delineate the mandatory safety gear for anyone accessing the site. This becomes an instrumental medium to bolster safety norms and guarantee adherence.

Printed hoarding panels can act as a brief introduction to the brains behind the project, allowing the public and prospective clients a sneak peek into the developers’ ethos. This, in turn, can amplify trust in your brand and elevate the project’s anticipation.

printed hoarding graphics

Hoarding Print Experts in Kent & London

Trusted by the construction & retail industry’s giants, reputable architects, and new housing developments, our printed hoarding graphics service stands unparalleled. We’ve been the preferred partner for builders, installers, and contractors for over three decades.

Confused about hoarding materials or the hoarding printing process? We’ve got your back! Dive into our comprehensive guide to understanding the material, the ins-and-outs of our hoarding graphic print service, and how to receive a tailored quotation post your enquiry.

Having trouble understanding the materials or how the hoarding graphics are printed? We can help! We have put together a selection of information to help you understand the material, the production process and how create a quotation following your enquiry.

Flight Case Tour Labels are specialised adhesive labels designed specifically for touring equipment cases. They play an integral role in the systematic organisation and smooth functioning of a tour. These labels can be customised with company logos, contact information, colour coding, and even barcodes. When you’re on a global tour, every minute counts. Misplaced or wrongly identified equipment can lead to delays or even missed events. Using Flight Case Tour Labels ensures that equipment is quickly and accurately identified, reducing the chances of mishaps. Moreover, with the ability to write on and wipe off details, you can reuse the same label across multiple tours, ensuring cost-efficiency.

PAL Road Labels and flight case labels share similar functionalities but can differ in design and specific use cases. Both are designed for the identification of equipment, especially during transit. However, PAL Road Labels might be tailored to specific standards or regulations of PAL, which stands for Professional Audio & Lighting. Just like flight case labels, they can be customised with various details including company logos, contact details, colour coding, and barcodes. Their primary function is to ensure the smooth movement and identification of equipment, especially in a road touring context.

Absolutely! Our flightcase labels are fully customisable. Whether you need specific colour coding, unique logos, or any other design element, our team is equipped to cater to your requirements. A custom flightcase label not only helps in equipment identification but also serves as a branding tool, promoting your company’s image across venues, countries, and tours.

Road case labels are designed primarily for equipment that’s frequently on the move, especially on roads. While they share similarities with flightcase labels or PAL labels, their durability and design might be tweaked to withstand the rigours of road transport. All our labels, be it flight case labels, road case labels, or PAL labels, ensure equipment safety, organisation, and easy identification.

Our flightcase labels have been innovatively designed for repeated use. After an event or tour, you can wipe off the written details using our flight-case label cleaner. Once cleaned, the flightcase label is ready for your next event, ensuring both cost savings and environmental responsibility.

Yes, our expertise isn’t just limited to flightcase labels and tour labels. We also cater to the Film, Photographic, Manufacturing, Food and Drink industries, providing them with custom case labels tailored to their needs.

While PAL labels originated in the Professional Audio & Lighting industry, their application isn’t limited. With the ability to customise these labels, they can be adapted for various other industries requiring equipment identification. Just like flight case labels, PAL labels can be used wherever quick and accurate equipment identification is paramount.

Our labels for equipment are meticulously designed to ensure instant recognition. By incorporating elements like company logos, contact details, colour coding, and barcodes, our labels, be it flightcase labels, road case labels, or PAL labels, facilitate quick and hassle-free equipment identification.

Panel Installation

At Wallace Print, our primary expertise lies in the realm of hoarding printing. Our in-house professional installation team is seasoned in delivering exceptional printed hoarding graphics and panel hoarding graphics tailored to your specific needs.

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Get in touch via our contact form to find out more about how Wallace Print can help you transform your print project.