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We transform ordinary construction sites into extraordinary advertising platforms. As industry-leading providers of construction site hoarding, we've mastered the art of combining safety, utility, and advertising into a singular, robust product.

construction site hoarding panels

Our customisable construction site hoarding boards with printed hoarding panels can serve as the perfect blend of functional safety barrier and large-scale billboard, enhancing brand visibility, ensuring site security, and delivering key messages with a punch of visual appeal. So, whether you’re looking to secure your site or create a visual splash in the public eye, you’ve come to the right place.

Enhancing our brand exposure with building site hoarding panels

Our construction site hoarding panels manufacturing and printing services have been trusted and repeatedly employed by prestigious property developers and construction companies. These partnerships are a testament to our unmatched quality and commitment to excellence, which resonates in every project we undertake.

Promoting Safety with Construction Site Hoarding Panels

These robust panels act as a formidable barrier, keeping unauthorised individuals and potential hazards at bay. They protect the public from construction site dangers and shield your site from unwanted intrusion. Hoarding panels can be used to communicate essential safety messages, procedures, and protocols, ensuring that all personnel understand and adhere to necessary precautions.

Your vision, our expertise, your bespoke printed construction site hoarding panels

Construction site hoarding panels is no longer merely a safety barrier. We infuse each panel with your brand’s identity, offering engaging insights into the promising developments unfolding behind the hoarding. With our expert consultation, superior printing services, and professional installation, you can rest assured that your construction site will become an exciting talking point rather than a bland barricade.

From an empty building site to complete advertising space. Building site hoarding panels complete 3 jobs in 1.

Construction site hoardings panels are an eye-catching print installed to the site perimeter fence of a construction site, it helps keep the public out and hide unsightly construction work. They also can assist with the exposure of the business and provide details of the construction work being carried out to showcase what the development will look like once completed.

Assisting construction companies with their advertising with bespoke printed site hoarding panels!

Our construction site hoarding projects speak for themselves. As do the prestigious property developers and construction companies who regularly work with us for our printing and installation services for construction site hoardings.

Our impressive portfolio of construction site hoardings, installed by Wallace Print includes; working with Golden GatesWansey StreetKew GardensMK Gallery and completed an installation of Half Mile Of Hoarding.

Let us help you invest in printed construction site hoarding panels.

The chance to captivate your audience with enticing imagery or branding has never been so big. Instead of having the usual boring blank panels, why not transform them into an exciting talking point.

Here at Wallace Print, we have been expert suppliers to the construction industry for over 40 years, providing consultation, print and installation of printed construction site hoardings, printed hoarding graphics and construction site boards.

Adhering to Construction Site Regulations with Site Hoarding Panels

Every construction site is governed by a set of regulations to ensure a safe, efficient, and ethical operation. With our customisable construction site hoarding panels, these regulations can be clearly and visibly communicated.

The ample space offered by our panels allows you to display all necessary regulations, from operating hours to noise restrictions and waste management guidelines. By having these rules visibly posted on the hoarding, you ensure that workers, site visitors, and even the public are well-informed.

Dual-Function Efficiency

Experience the best of both worlds with our construction site hoarding panels, which not only secure your site but also double as an impactful marketing tool. Make every panel count for safety and brand visibility.

Tailored to Your Needs

Stand out with our bespoke customisation services. Regardless of the size, shape, or design you need, our hoarding panels can be precisely tailored to match your project requirements and branding goals.

Unbeatable Durability

With robust and weather-resistant materials, our construction site hoarding panels promise long-lasting performance. Rely on them to maintain their aesthetic appeal and functionality, come rain or shine.

A Board for Communication

Turn your construction site hoarding panels into a large-scale communication tool. Use our hoarding panels to convey important messages, display project renderings, or advertise your brand, reaching a wider audience effectively.

Frequently asked questions about our construction site hoarding panels.

With our printed construction site hoarding, the chance to captivate your audience and amplify your branding has never been so promising. Our bespoke services promise to transcend the ordinary and elevate your construction site into a creative advertisement platform.

Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey with us? Get in touch with Wallace Print today, and let’s make your construction site a beacon of creative branding and public engagement.

Construction site hoarding panels serve a dual function. Firstly, they significantly improve safety by forming a robust barrier around the construction site, preventing unauthorised access and protecting the public from potential hazards. Secondly, these panels provide an extensive platform for branding and advertising. This allows for effective communication of your company’s message, project details, and upcoming developments to a broad audience, increasing public engagement and interest in your project.

Indeed, they can. At Wallace Print, we understand that every project is unique. We offer bespoke services, including printing and cutting of panels to any size or shape that you require. This ensures your hoarding panels align perfectly with your specific needs and the dimensions of your site, allowing for a seamless fit and an impactful display.

Our bespoke printed construction site hoarding panels are designed with durability and resilience in mind. They are crafted from robust, weather-resistant materials that are capable of withstanding a range of environmental conditions. Whether facing the rain, wind, or the harsh summer sun, you can rely on these panels to maintain their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal throughout your project’s duration.

Think of printed hoarding panels as large-scale billboards that surround your construction site. These panels can be printed with your branding, detailed project information, and artistic renderings of the completed project. This not only garners public interest but also helps build anticipation for the final result, making them an effective tool in your promotional strategy.

Yes, you can. The ample space provided by our panels allows you to display any information you need to communicate effectively. This can include safety protocols, site rules, construction site regulations, and more. By displaying these crucial details on the panels, you can ensure that workers, site visitors, and even the surrounding public are well-informed, promoting transparency and safety.

Our team of professionals will handle the installation process with expert care. We ensure that the panels are securely installed to withstand a variety of conditions while causing minimal disruption to your site’s ongoing operations. Our priority is to provide you with a swift and smooth installation service, so you can focus on your project’s progress.

Absolutely. Our construction site hoarding panels are designed for easy removal once your project is complete. Our team ensures that the dismantling process is carried out efficiently and safely, again ensuring minimal disruption to your site or any newly completed structures.

Many of our bespoke printed hoarding panels are made from recyclable materials, supporting your company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. However, we recommend checking with us or your local recycling facility to confirm the best ways to dispose of or recycle the panels responsibly once they have served their purpose.

For more information on how our construction site hoarding panels can benefit your next project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

Construction Site Hoarding Boards & Panel Installation

At Wallace Print we have an in house professional installation team. They have lots of years of experience and expertise when it comes to construction site hoarding panels. After installing countless printed hoarding projects they are able to provide you with the best advice and guidance. Our installation service is available nationwide at any time to suit you.

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Get in touch via our contact form to find out more about how Wallace Print can help you transform your print project. Our expert account managers are on hand to provide advice, quotes, and assistance – however, and wherever you need it.

Get in touch via our contact form to find out more about how Wallace Print can help you transform your print project.