x3 Benefits of using floor graphics!

x3 Benefits of using floor graphics to boost profit and exposure!

There are many benefits for using floor graphics, they are one of the most popular mediums of advertising for retailers and marketers. With there being a variety of options for floor graphics from temporary to permanent and internal to external, the colourful, durable prints can clearly showcase a message or promotion. We have highlighted three key benefits for choosing floor decals; the cost, the flexibility and how effective they are.

At Wallace Print we see x3 benefits of using floor graphics, which consists of cost, flexibility & effectiveness. Did you know? Most floor graphics are self-adhesive and can be completely bespoke for a marketing campaign, they can be produced at any size and stick to most floor surfaces. At Wallace Print we have been printing and installing floor graphics for over 30 years and as a reliable print partner to some of the largest companies in the UK, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the printing process and the expertise to ensure a project is installed correctly.

Few studies have shown that in-store aisle floor graphics were found to increase sales from 20% to 50% more whilst also improving brand awareness and image. – Nearly 20% of all shoppers purposely stopped to get a closer look at the floor graphic.

Finally POPAI (Point Of Purchase Advertising Institute) found that floor graphics increase the number of shoppers and visitors who spend <8 seconds at the product area, increased by an incredible 280%!

1. Cost

Floor graphics are good value and highly cost effective!

It comes naturally to stare down at the floor when walking around, it’s a matter of perceived safety and now with the introduction of smartphones we stare down even more! Having an attention grabbing floor decal to promote awareness within a shop, venue or brand can very be advantageous to boost sales or a promotion in a retail store. Signage will also be used to direct visitors to bars or toilets at an exhibition or venue.

Floor graphics are designed to stand out. Our customers will design their floor decals for their customer to easily understand, for example, they commonly come in the form of instructions such as locating toilets, car parks and exits in a busy, clustered space.

Impacting floor graphics on free advertising space.

Aside from the initial cost of the printed and installed floor graphics, utilising floor space is often a free market and you can take advantage of a “free ad” that can be installed onto most places without worry. Saving much needed money by not buying traditional advertising space such as ads in newspapers or a local poster campaign. Using floor graphics in high traffic areas is an ingenious and perfect way for any business to promote awareness of their brand.

2. Flexible

Floor decals can be installed to virtually any floor surface.

When it comes to the design anything can be done, the more creative and colourful the more attention the graphic will create. We stock many applications for floors with different purposes, these include options for internal or external printed floor graphics. We offer both temporary or permanent floor decals and our entire range of floor graphic materials have a non-slip grain-textured finish and carry related slip ratings in compliance with UK safety regulations.

Floor decals are easy to clean and remove after use.

One of the top benefits of floor graphics is that they don’t require constant attention and maintenance. If installed correctly the printed floor decals can be left for a long duration of time, they can be dustproof, waterproof and even scratch or scuff proof.

When the time comes to remove the floor graphics, removing them from the floor surface can be done very quickly without tools or left over residue. It’s just like peeling off a sticker!

Floor graphics are flexible!

At Wallace Print we print and produce all types of floor graphics for our customers, our floor graphics can be printed at virtually any size, colour or shape. It can be your company logo, a sales or promotion, wayfinding floor signage. Our floor graphics applications are very flexible and versatile

3. Effective

Highly effective advertising flooring.

Floor graphics can be used by any type of business. They can be printed and installed into offices, cafes, supermarkets, hotels, shops, gyms and more. And because using a floor graphic as an advertising method is more affordable than using other materials, it is fast becoming more and more preferred than traditional advertising methods.

At Wallace Print we can print, produce and install all types of floor decals for many applications with various time spans. We can print vinyl graphics for wallswindowshoardingdoors and vehicles used for business.

For more information about large format print and to discuss your next project, please contact us on 01634 724 772 or email us at sales@wallaceprint.com


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