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What is large format printing?

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Large format printing is the printing of large graphics or designs on large substrates or other materials & fabrics. It requires the use of specialised equipment such as larger printers than the standard models you can buy from the shop. A wide format printer usually has a width between 18 to 100 inches.

Wide-format printing has existed in its current form for around 35 years, despite being a relatively new development in the digital printing industry. Having evolved with technology, the number of different inks, substrates and printers has also increased dramatically. The improvement of this technology has increased the quality of the final print.

As the digital printing industry has evolved, along with software like the Adobe suite (photoshop, illustrator & InDesign), it has made wide format printing more affordable & accessible than ever. It is now possible to control printers remotely and to set them, to run and operate overnight. Some are even capable of reporting their own faults.

About Large Format Print Specialists – Wallace Print

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One of the leading large format print specialists in Kent, Wallace print was incorporated on the 16th of January 1989 by Mervyn Wallace. The company first started in Mervyn’s shed working alongside his son Gary. They worked continuously to make Wallace print the company it is today.

They are a family-owned business that is operated by a dedicated and experienced workforce with specialised skills, valuable knowledge, and years of experience. Mervyn’s grandchildren are now employed under Wallace print across a range of departments, continuing the family business.

When it comes to large format printing we can pretty much print on any material needed, This diversifies our projects making every print a fun task. Over the years we have built a loyal client base as we strive to go above and beyond to serve our customers.

We are forever growing the company and to do this, we invest back into the company so we can buy new software & technology that can perfect prints even further. Since large format printing has evolved so much over the years it is important to keep on top of the technology as it can change quite quickly.

We do large format printing for some of the UK’s leading print management companies, design agencies, marketing teams, Government bodies and major retailers. This means most of our printing campaigns are quite large which requires specialist installations.

Unlike most companies, we can also install it for you with our specialist equipment such as a skylift. Our installation team are very experienced in the field and will be able to fit any sized print.

Our team can fit hoarding for a building site, point of sale items for a supermarket, or window graphics for offices. There isn’t a job too big for us!

The Process

An Expert Consultation
When it comes to a consultation, we thrive on making our clients happy which is why you’ll only receive honest & supportive guidance. We prefer to do face to face consultations as we find it is easier to understand what is it your needs & requirements are. We can also show printing materials if requested so you can get a feel of what your printing could be on.

Pre-Printing Service
At Wallace print, we understand that some of our clients won’t have an in-house design service, which is why we created our own. If you need our expert designers to create your product or even make adjustments/corrections we are able to do this.

We are fluent in the following services: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Pitstop Pro, Caldera RIP, Colourgate RIP, Artios CAD &Esko iCut Suite.

We run the latest iMacs in an apple environment which means we can get your designs or adjustments done quickly due to the fast technology and then send them straight to printing.

Print Production
Once your design is finalised it’s time to print it on our market-leading printers. We print using the Swiss Q Impala which uses UV cured CMYK + White + Varnish ink and the H3200i Annapurna which uses LED cured CMYK +White + Light Cyan + Light Magenta ink.

When the print production has been finished we make sure that the print has been done to the highest standard to limit any imperfections that may have happened in the printing process. If any imperfections have been found we will run the printing again.

Print Finishing
Once we are happy with the final print(s) we will move on to the print finishing stage if you have opted for this service. The print finishing can include adding lamination to the top of the print.

Cutting intricately around your print, or creating hem and eyelets on your banners. We have the expertise and machinery for any job, To create eyelets on your banners we can use our automatic banner eye letter by Emblem & to laminate your print we can use the Seal 62 pro by Seal to make sure.

Print Installation
Once your bespoke print has been printed & finished it’s time to install it! Wallace Print has a team of in-house installers that can be deployed nationwide at any time. They are on hand to help with any questions that you may have about the space you’re wishing to cover

What sectors can large format printing be useful for

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Retail Displays
When it comes to showing off a product in your physical store retail displays are a must-have to grab the audience’s attention. This can be easily done by printing graphics that have an array of colours and readable text.

As a large format print specialist we can print on pretty much anything this includes floors, windows & point of sale items such as the price label you see when picking up the item.

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Schools & Education
Printing for school events is very exciting as we can print school flags, Dry-Wipe Wall Graphics, Permanent Signage & more! We are able to print with vibrant and incredibly eye-catching inks making sure your school can be seen easily on open days, sports days & crowded external events.

A photo of printed site hoarding panels for Clarus homes

Construction Sites
Construction sites can be active for years when it comes to fabricating a new building, so it is important to brand everything to advertise the next possible project. We can create bespoke safety site signs, hoardings, building wraps, and mesh banners.

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Automotive Branding
Whether you need to transform a car showroom, increase your branding, or add printed graphics to your car(s). We have the knowledge & expertise to do just that, We can apply vinyl graphics that are easy to remove & will not damage the paintwork.

We can also create advertising flags, forecourt banners & showroom graphics so your brand can be seen everywhere on the court.

For more information about large format print and to discuss your next project, please contact us on 01634 724 772 or email us at


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