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We love printing and installing custom printed floor graphics and we wanted to share our industry knowledge and expertise to highlight a few areas where you can take advantage of its flexibility and boost your advertising potential. When it comes to branding, it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity. With our custom printed floor graphics, you can amplify your level of signage, advertising, or imagery to your business or event!

Maximise your floor space with printed floor decals!

Retail Floor Graphics – Sales & Promotions

The most common place you will see printed floor graphics is within a retail environment. Whether it be in a shopping centre, local high street store or national restaurant chain, floor graphics offer the versatile advertising signage to showcase seasonal promotions, sales events and new product lines.

Seasonal floor graphics are the most common. For example Valentines, Halloween and perhaps the biggest, Christmas, are the front-runners amongst the days that we celebrate. There are many others that retail stores take advantage of by promoting in-store discounts, sales and promotions. Supermarkets will place pancake related products at promotional locations around the store and draw attention to them using floor graphics in the days running up to shrove Tuesday.

By using printed floor graphics to promote sales, retail stores & shops accomplish several things. First and foremost is the ability to purchase graphics that are cost-effective, so that additional marketing materials, such as point of sale can be used to promote seasonal offers. Floor graphics catch attention and can lead potential consumers on a customer journey that may have an impact on the success of a sale or knowledge of a product or promotion.

Restaurants use floor graphics in a similar fashion. For example, restaurants that are located in a busy shopping mall food court will use floor graphics to direct customers to their location and catch the attention of customers standing in line or those passing that may be looking down at their phone.

Warehouses & Building Sites – Informational & Health & Safety

Printed floor graphics are probably one of the most versatile when it comes to marketing tools within business. The heavy-duty element of the material they can be perfect for a retail environment and at the opposite end of the scale a facilities/warehouse or building/construction site. These areas, in particular, are often very busy and along with the type of machinery and its many moving parts can be dangerous.

For example some environments such as warehouses may also contain potentially dangerous elements such as forklifts, harmful chemicals, falling objects and hazardous materials. Printed floor graphics can be used to alert staff and clients to the forklift and walking paths and direct them to safety zones.

Typically in a construction site setting employees are often required to wear a protective helmet, protective clothing and protective eyewear to ensure safety at all times. As well as this regular staff training is undertaken to maintain a safe working environment. Printed floor vinyls can be an extra safety method used to indicate hazardous areas, restricted access and forklift speed limits. Not only does this help with all round safety of an area but can also improve productivity.

Events / Exhibitions / Schools – Directional

Behind sales, promotions, and advertising, one of the most common uses for printed floor graphics is for directional purposes, everything from events and exhibitions to schools favour this method. It’s most common use is to direct people from one place to another and provide information around the next corner.

When a building space or facility is moved around to cater for an event or exhibition a temporary usage of floor decals can be very beneficial in a crowd larger than usual. They again may be used for directional purposes as the change in layout can cause confusion and disruption for those visiting.

A printed floor graphic for ANY surface.

We are confident that here at Wallace Print we will have a suitable printed floor graphic solution for any floor surface whether that be internal or external. We constantly aim to stay up to date with the latest technologies and materials to be sure that we can offer the best printed solution for any surface including internal floors, tarmac, pavement, roads, tiles, carpet and even cobbles.    


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