Make Construction Sites Safer With Printed Hoarding

The Role of Printed Hoarding in Creating a Safer and More Secure Construction Site

Make construction sites safer with printed hoarding. Learn how printed hoarding can increase safety, serve as advertising & communicate messages. In blog post will look at the advantages of using printed hoarding on construction sites, such as how it can improve safety and security, act as a form of advertising, and convey important messages to workers and visitors. You will gain an understanding of how printed hoarding can play an important role in creating a safer and more secure construction site by reading this blog. You’ll also learn about the various materials that can be used to make printed hoarding, how it can be customised to reflect a company’s branding, and the various safety guidelines and site rules that can be communicated via printed hoarding. Finally, the purpose of this blog post is to provide construction companies with useful information about how printed hoarding can be used to create a safer and more secure construction site.

Construction sites are dynamic, ever-changing environments that can be hazardous to workers, visitors, and passers-by. To reduce the risks associated with construction sites, safety and security measures are essential. One such measure is the use of printed hoarding, which can be used for more than just advertising.

Heavy machinery, hazardous materials, and ongoing work can make construction sites dangerous places for workers, visitors, and passers-by. Construction companies must take precautions to ensure the safety and security of all those involved in order to mitigate these risks. One such measure is the use of printed hoarding, which can be used for more than just advertising.

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What exactly is Printed Hoarding?

A type of temporary fence that surrounds construction sites is printed hoarding. It can be made of various materials such as wood, metal, and plastic. Printed hoarding is distinctive in that it can be customised with designs, logos, and other messaging that reflects the construction company’s branding or conveys safety messages.

The Advantages of Printed Hoarding on Construction Sites

Security and safety
By controlling access and preventing unauthorised entry, printed hoarding can help increase safety and security on construction sites. The hoarding can also act as a barrier, shielding workers and the general public from potential hazards such as falling debris or dust.

Printed hoarding can also be used to advertise a construction company by displaying its logo, contact information, or promotional messages. This can aid in the recognition and awareness of the brand.

Important messages, such as safety guidelines, site rules, and emergency contact information, can also be communicated using printed hoarding. By ensuring that all workers and visitors are aware of the site’s regulations and procedures, this can help to prevent accidents and incidents.

By concealing unsightly equipment or unfinished buildings, printed hoarding can improve the appearance of a construction site. It can also be used to display artistic designs or photographs that enhance the site’s visual appeal.

A photo of Printed hoarding panels for Kew Gardens for the new pavilion restaurant opening

How Printed Hoarding Can Make a Construction Site Safer and More Secure

Managing Access
Printed hoarding can be used to restrict access to a construction site, preventing unauthorised entry and lowering the risk of theft or vandalism. The construction company can reduce the risk of accidents or incidents by controlling access.

Preventing Dangers
Workers and the general public can be protected from potential hazards such as falling debris or dust by using printed hoarding. The hoarding can protect workers and visitors from these hazards by acting as a barrier, lowering the risk of accidents or injuries.

Guidelines for Communicating Safety
Workers and visitors can be communicated with safety guidelines and site rules using printed hoarding. The construction company can reduce the risk of accidents or incidents by ensuring that everyone is aware of the regulations and procedures.

Giving Out Emergency Contact Information
Workers and visitors can also use printed hoarding to provide emergency contact information, such as the nearest hospital or emergency services. This can help ensure that emergency services are contacted as soon as possible in the event of an accident or incident, lowering the risk of serious injury or fatalities.

A photo of hoarding printing for This Is Woodlands

How can Wallace Print support with a printed hoarding project?

Wallace Print has extensive experience designing, printing, and installing high-quality printed hoarding graphics for a variety of companies in London and Kent, including Nexus SE1, Scape, Harvard Knight, Wansey Street, Esquire Home Developments, Canham Homes, and Dreamland in Margate.

We take pride in providing excellent customer service and working closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and requirements. Our skilled designers and technicians use cutting-edge printing technology and high-quality materials to create long-lasting and visually appealing printed hoarding graphics that improve safety and security on construction sites while also serving as effective advertising and communication tools.

We have completed projects ranging in size and complexity, from small-scale developments to large-scale construction sites, and have earned an industry reputation for excellence. Our comprehensive approach to printing and installing printed hoarding graphics ensures that every project is completed on time and to the highest standard possible, giving our clients peace of mind and a professional finish.

In Conclusion

Printed hoarding can help to make a construction site safer and more secure by controlling access, preventing hazards, communicating safety guidelines, and providing emergency contact information. Furthermore, printed hoarding can be used as a form of advertising while also improving the appearance of the construction site.

Wallace Print can assist you in implementing printed hoarding on your construction site. We can create a customised solution that reflects your branding, communicates important messages, and increases safety and security using our extensive experience in the design, print, manufacturing, and installation of printed hoarding panels.

We use high-quality materials and cutting-edge printing technology to ensure that your printed hoarding is long-lasting, eye-catching, and effective in meeting your objectives. We collaborate with our clients from start to finish to ensure that the final product meets their exact specifications and exceeds their expectations. Contact Wallace Print today to learn more about how printed hoarding can help you create a safer and more secure construction site.

For more information about large format print and to discuss your next project, please contact us on 01634 724 772 or email us at


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