Large Format Print Management Services

End-to-end large format print management services

End-to-end large format print management services

At Wallace Print, our customers come first! We thrive on making sure our customers are satisfied & can get everything needed in one place. This is where out end to end print management service comes in.

We can set up & design your artwork before sending it to print. Once your bespoke design has been printed we can apply finishing techniques such as lamination to protect it from graffiti & sunlight. We also have an installation service so you can rest assured that your large format print is installed correctly minimising risks.

This is why Wallace Print is one of the leading large format printing specialists in the UK as everything can be handled in-house, reducing lead times & our clients looking for multiple places to complete one job.

About our large format print capabilities

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Having an extensive range of large format printing capabilities as well as print finishing and packing capabilities in-house means that together we can deliver your project with amazing turnaround times, even for those larger print jobs. By having the latest machinery were able to print on many different materials so they can be used in almost all situations.

The largest sheet size that we can print with is 4000mm x 2000mm, however, please don’t think this will limit your print as we can quickly come up with solutions for prints that need to be on the grand scale.

Large Format Printing Options

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Direct-to-media printing

Direct to media printing is the process of digitally printing directly on to the surface of the chosen material. Wallace Print uses the latest technology to print your bespoke products with quality at an affordable price.

We are highly experienced in printing and are able to print on a wide range of materials like vinyls, banners & canvas. Our large format flatbed printers are digital UV printers large enough to print onto signs, building wraps, and even cars.

Reel-fed digital printing

Reel-fed printing is the process of printing directly to the material while it is on the reel instead of in sheet form. This allows you to achieve much longer lengths using materials such as PVC, self-adhesive vinyl and fabrics.

We have multiple flatbed and roll-fed large format printers that can be used for any sized project. Our roll-fed machines can be printed from 1370mm to a massive 5000mm.

UV digital flatbed printing

Our flatbed printing machines print with UV inks that are then cured by strong UV lights allowing them to be used in outdoor conditions. We use the Anapurna and Impala flatbed printing presses as they are capable of printing directly to media sheets up to 2440mm x 1220mm.

We can also use these machines to print on materials such as Correx, Foamex, acrylic, display board, foam board, banner PVC and various self-adhesive types of vinyl.

Large Format Printing Finishing

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Print finishing techniques

When it comes to print finishing we offer a complete range of techniques that allows us to process your production from start to finish using industry-leading equipment. We can laminate, weld, and add eyelets, with ease.

Printing finishing is just as important as the printing itself as some graphics can deteriorate if this process isn’t done correctly which is why we have a professional team to provide you with the exact finished product you desire.

Print Laminating

Lamination is the process of applying a film, vinyl, or double-sided adhesive to another substrate. This is used as a method of applying adhesives to items, such as creating stickers, window graphics or even to prevent graffiti.

It can be used to protect a graphic or to strengthen the graphics for durability. An example of this would be the film offering extra protection from rain, darkening from the sun and fading.

Our 1600mm wide hot & cold laminator is one of the industry’s widest and is perfect for sheet and roll-fed printed material such as foam board displays, correx boards, banners or Dibond signs.

CAD Cutting

CAD cutting is an accurate and efficient way to cut printed sheets into any shape. With a cutting blade driven by a laser, CAD cutting can cut or crease both rigid and rolled materials to any final shape.

This makes it a versatile tool for a variety of applications, perfect for point-of-sale items such as free-standing displays or cut-out items.

We offer top-of-the-line cutting with our aristo CAD cutter and finishing services for finished printed matter, of any size or quantity. We can cut any of your bespoke large format prints into any shape

Plotter Cutting

The term plotter cutting may seem intimidating, but it can be used to describe the process of using cutting machines to cut out intricate patterns into a material. It’s more accurate for complicated designs.

Our team of fully qualified and registered plot cutters have many years of experience cutting customers’ work ranging from large window graphics to vehicle graphics. It has intricate cutting that is perfect to use for any design.

Our Summa plotter is the widest machine that we use, at 1600mm, which means it can handle the most intricate vinyl shapes & can be printed on a range of coloured types of vinyl including fluorescent and metallic.

Like all our printing services we offer a full service that includes application tape or even an installation by one of our qualified installers.

Print Installation

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Our team of experienced print installers can efficiently install your bespoke print to almost any fixture. We first do a site survey and risk assessments before performing any installation so we can bring the right equipment on the day.

We follow all industry-required procedures and carry the relevant insurances and certifications so we can be with you throughout the entire process.

Our experienced team can carry out very large projects backed by £10 million insurance to put our client’s minds at ease. We have access to equipment to reach the toughest of areas, At Wallace Print there’s no job too big.

For more information about large format print and to discuss your next project, please contact us on 01634 724 772 or email us at


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