How to setup a roller banner

How To Setup A Roller Banner

Are you attending an exhibition in the near future? If so, a roller banner or pull up banner should be at the top of your shopping list. In this post, Wallace Print highlights the benefits of using roller banner to promote your business cost effectively and efficiently at the exhibition you are attending, also within this post  you can learn a step-by-step instructions on how to setup a roller banner.

What Is A Roller Banner?

The most common type of roller banner. Its name refers to the way the canvas is pulled up from the stand, rolling out to present your graphic. –

What Roller Banners do you print?

At Wallace Print we offer two options for roller banners, our standard roller banner and our premium roller banner. Our standard roller banner is our most cost effective model, and its designed with the classic two fold out feet with a lightweight silver finished aluminium cassette and carry bag and the premium roller banner offers a sleek and stylish design with a unique low profile seamless front loading graphic.

However if you want a particular branded roller banner we can source, print & manufacturer models provided by all of the leading hardware suppliers which include; Ultima Displays roller banners including Barracuda, Grasshopper, Delta Lite, Orient & Mosquito range, this includes the 3000mm high version. Innotech Displays roller banners including Greenwich, Frontier, Origin, Legend, Gallant & Explorer.

How to setup & assemble your roller banner

You’ve just taken delivery for your roller banner, You take it out of the carry case, to view your newly printed graphic ready for your exhibition stand but you don’t know how assemble and set the roller banner up.  Fortunately if you’re unsure on how to set your roller banner before the big day, we’ve created a this handy guide for you.

Assembly Instructions

1.    Every roller banner you order with us comes with a free carry bag. firstly, remove your roller banner from the bag.
2.    The feet on the metal cassette are there to help your roller banner stand up strong and of its on own accord.
3.    Now, take the pole out of the case and extend it to full length.
4.    With the your designed and printed banner graphic facing away from you, place your foot on one of the metal feet.
5.    Pull up the roller banner to chest height.
6.    Put the pole connector into the bar at the top of the roller banner.
7.    Using the pole, finish extending the roller banner to full height.
8.    Once your roller banner reaches full height, secure the other end of the pole into the metal case at the base of the retractable banner.

When you’re putting your retractable banner up, be careful not to release it until it’s fully retracted – otherwise, your roller banner could get damaged or you may inflict damage to yourself.

Disassembly Instructions

1.    Hold the top of the roller banner with one hand.
2.    Place your foot on one of the metal feet on the metal case to keep it stable.
3.    With your other hand, remove the bottom end of the pole from the metal case.
4.    Gently, let the roller banner retract into the cassette.
6.    Turn the feet back in and place your roller banner and pole back into the carry bag.

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