5 Ways To Refresh Your Office Walls

No More White Walls! – 5 Ways To Refresh Your Office Walls.

At Wallace Print we believe that you don’t need to a be social media giant to create an exciting and inspiring wall space, get some inspiration and REFRESH your walls! All you need is a little creativity. Office wall design is very tricky project but we have laid out 5 ways to refresh your office walls and we hope it helps with your office wall ideas.

1. Add plenty of colour!

If your office colour palette is generally monotone or neutral, add a little bit of colour to the walls can really enhance the appearance of the office.

But don’t forget to integrate with your brand colours. When choosing a color scheme for your office environment and wall space, it is important to always consider your brand’s colors so your space really upholds a consistent style reflective of what you and your business is all about.

2. Make your mission statement front & centre!

Printing your company’s mission statement as a visual display for staff and clients to see as they walk through the door, can be very effective way to showcase the companies values, the staff member should embody everyday and a can serve as a great reminder to carry them out.

3. Showcase your services, goals and products.

Remind your staff and visiting clients of your company’s services, goals and products by placing statement decals on your office walls. We produced this for a customer of ours with various different materials and applications through-out the office, warehouse and fulfillment centre.

5 Ways To Refresh Your Office Walls 1

4. Get a dry-wipe wall vinyl!

Whether in your own space or communal area, add a dry-wipe wall vinyl (or chalkboard wall vinyl) for a creative and intriguing look. Use this to check off to-dos and hold presentations or workshops. – Not only are you are not using paper, saving trees, you can also doodle for a creativity boost.

5. Be Creative!

We all know being in a comfortable, engaging atmosphere plays a huge role on our overall mood and productivity, but did you know that a well-designed office wall graphic can make a huge impact on your business.

Your office wall design ideas should embody your company’s values and vision in a way that makes everyone at work feel great. You don’t want customers walking into your office with a bad first impression because the office design needs a facelift.


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