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Large Format Print Management Services

End-to-end large format print management services At Wallace Print, our customers come first! We thrive on making sure our customers are satisfied & can get everything needed in one place. This is where out end to end print management service comes in. We can set up & design your artwork before sending it to print. Once your bespoke design has been printed we can apply finishing techniques such as lamination to protect it from graffiti & sunlight. We also have an installation service so you can rest assured that your large format print is installed correctly minimising risks. This is

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The Large Format Print Specialists

What is large format printing? Large format printing is the printing of large graphics or designs on large substrates or other materials & fabrics. It requires the use of specialised equipment such as larger printers than the standard models you can buy from the shop. A wide format printer usually has a width between 18 to 100 inches. Wide-format printing has existed in its current form for around 35 years, despite being a relatively new development in the digital printing industry. Having evolved with technology, the number of different inks, substrates and printers has also increased dramatically. The improvement of

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Bespoke Printing Services For Companies

About Wallace Print & Its bespoke printing services Wallace Print was founded over 30 years ago by a father and son. In the past years, it has evolved from screen printing from the shed of its founder, Mr Mervyn Wallace, to the company it is today. Throughout Mervyn’s tenure at Wallace Print, he and his son Gary worked tirelessly to improve the business’s customer service, our staff’s experience, and the working environment at Wallace Print. Wallace Print is now one of the UK’s leading large format digital printers. Our bespoke printing services cover a range of channels, that are mostly

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x3 Benefits of using floor graphics!

With there being a variety of options for floor graphics from temporary to permanent and internal to external, the colourful, durable prints can clearly showcase a message or promotion.

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Maximise your floor space!

Printed floor graphics continue to flourish as a creative, versatile and unique way to maximise your floor space, and here at Wallace Print it is one of our most popular printed advertising graphics.

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5 Ways To Refresh Your Office Walls

No More White Walls! – 5 Ways To Refresh Your Office Walls. At Wallace Print we believe that you don’t need to a be social media giant to create an exciting and inspiring wall space, get some inspiration and REFRESH your walls! All you need is a little creativity. Office wall design is very tricky project but we have laid out 5 ways to refresh your office walls and we hope it helps with your office wall ideas. 1. Add plenty of colour! If your office colour palette is generally monotone or neutral, add a little bit of colour to

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What is wall vinyl?

What is wall vinyl?  So what is wall vinyl? Despite your imagination, we’re not talking about vinyl records being placed on a wall; we are talking about self-adhesive wall vinyl.At Wallace Print, when we talk about self-adhesive vinyl the highly versatile and flexible aspects of the material mean that it can be applied to almost any flat surface to create eye-catching graphics. This ranges from  wall vinyl to window vinyl and many other applications such as floor vinyl. It really is incredibly versatile!   What can I do with self-adhesive wall vinyl? Using self-adhesive vinyl is becoming an increasingly popular tool for promotion

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How to setup a roller banner

How To Setup A Roller Banner Are you attending an exhibition in the near future? If so, a roller banner or pull up banner should be at the top of your shopping list. In this post, Wallace Print highlights the benefits of using roller banner to promote your business cost effectively and efficiently at the exhibition you are attending, also within this post  you can learn a step-by-step instructions on how to setup a roller banner. What Is A Roller Banner? The most common type of roller banner. Its name refers to the way the canvas is pulled up from the stand, rolling

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Legal requirements for construction site hoardings

What Are The Legal Requirements For Construction Site Hoardings? Hoarding panels are a practical legal requirement for the modern construction process. They maintain public safety and offer an imperative opportunity to advertise & inform on a wider scale. Due to the size of the hoarding panels launching your brand on to the next level will be simple. Towns, main roads, city centres. All of these areas have a huge footfall which allows for your creation to have a heightened level of awareness; leaving a lasting impression with your company name emblazoned in the public’s mind. – but both in their build to

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What is hoarding panels?

What is Hoarding? What is hoarding? A hoarding panel is a sheet of material made out of ACM (aluminum composite material) which is a type of metal. These sheets come in different thicknesses, the main thickness is 3mm. Standard sheet size is 8ftx4ft which can be printed on both sides if needed, a laminate can also be applied to this material.   What is the purpose of hoarding panels? Printed hoarding panels isn’t necessarily a commonly known term by the general public but that’s not to say you wouldn’t recognise them. A quick google search may leave you confused about

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