Screen Printed Acrylic Boxes

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Project Description


This rather unique screen printing project involved screen printing on multiple faces and internal surfaces for an acrylic display cube. BMW wanted a bespoke acrylic display unit to house the unique materials which they use on their latest range of luxury cars. The acrylic containers needed to be printed on 5 out of the 6 sides and also on the internal white separators.

The job could only be printed using a screen printing handbench, conventional inks and a team of expert printers with the skill and knowledge to manage such a requirement. Screen printing is one of the only methods of printing which still requires a high percentage of skilled manual input from the operator in order to achieve the desired results. These printed acrylic cubes certainly fell in to that category with jigs needed to be made, special stencils created and a keen eye for detail and positioning.

The end result is a fantastic acrylic cube that looks as high quality as the materials it contains.

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